Coming Soon RSS feed for public list Coming Soon A catered book club murder / by Crawford, Isis. A good neighborhood / by Fowler, Therese, A perfect Amish romance / by Gray, Shelley Shepard. All the colors of night / by Krentz, Jayne Ann. Before the ruins : by Gosling, Victoria. Bone canyon / by Goldberg, Lee, Bryant & May. by Fowler, Christopher. Deep into the dark / by Tracy, P. J. Egg shooters / by Childs, Laura. Every waking hour / by Schaffhausen, Joanna. Hush-hush / by Woods, Stuart. If I disappear / by Brazier, Eliza Jane. In the garden of spite : by Bruce, Camilla. Irish parade murder / by Meier, Leslie. Meet me in Bombay : by Ashcroft, Jenny, Neighbors : by Steel, Danielle. NYPD Red 6 / by Patterson, James, Pianos and flowers : by McCall Smith, Alexander, Prodigal son / by Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew. Relentless / by Greaney, Mark. Robert B. Parker's Someone to watch over me : by Atkins, Ace. Safecracker / by Wick, Ryan, Savage road : by Hauty, Chris, The attack / by Griffin, W. E. B., The bright side sanctuary for animals : by Mandelbaum, Becky. The children's blizzard : by Benjamin, Melanie, The children's train : by Ardone, Viola, The forever girl : by Shalvis, Jill. The garden of promises and lies / by Brackston, Paula. The Mitford trial / by Fellowes, Jessica. The Russian / by Patterson, James, The scorpion's tail / by Preston, Douglas J. The survivors / by Harper, Jane The underwear book / by Parr, Todd. The unwilling / by Hart, John, The wife upstairs / by Hawkins, Rachel, Three perfect liars / by Perks, Heidi, Twenty : by Grippando, James, Twisted / by Cavanagh, Steve, Wrong alibi / by Dodd, Christina. Yellow wife : by Johnson, Sadeqa.