New Young Adult Additions RSS feed for public list New Young Adult Additions Ali Cross / by Patterson, James, All for one / by De la Cruz, Melissa, Almost American girl : by Ha, Robin. Becoming Beatriz / by Charles, Tami. Caster / by Chapman, Elsie. Cradle and all / by Patterson, James, Dear Martin / by Stone, Nic. Dog driven / by Johnson, Terry Lynn. Eventown / by Haydu, Corey Ann. Exile from Eden : by Smith, Andrew Grasshopper jungle : by Smith, Andrew Gravity / by Deming, Sarah. Gut check / by Kester, Eric. Jackpot / by Stone, Nic. Last bus to Everland / by Cameron, Sophie. Light it up / by Magoon, Kekla. Look both ways : by Reynolds, Jason. Love to everyone / by McKay, Hilary. Not so pure and simple / by Giles, L. R. One of us is lying / by McManus, Karen M. Ordinary girls / by Thornburgh, Blair. Pet / by Emezi, Akwaeke. Roar / by Carmack, Cora. Roll with it / by Sumner, Jamie. Sick kids in love / by Moskowitz, Hannah. Slay / by Morris, Brittney. Soaring earth : by Engle, Margarita. Stranger things. by Houser, Jody. Stranger things. by Houser, Jody. The bone houses / by Lloyd-Jones, Emily. The conference of the birds : by Riggs, Ransom. The fall of Crazy House / by Patterson, James, The Fowl twins / by Colfer, Eoin. The good luck girls / by Davis, Charlotte Nicole. The long ride / by Budhos, Marina Tamar The moon within / by Salazar, Aida. The music of what happens / by Konigsberg, Bill. The night country / by Albert, Melissa. The revolution of Birdie Randolph / by Colbert, Brandy. The stars and the blackness between them / by Petrus, Junauda. The true history of Lyndie B. Hawkins / by Shepherd, Gail. The waning age / by Grove, S. E. The war outside / by Hesse, Monica. The weight of our sky / by Alkaf, Hanna. They called us enemy / by Takei, George, Thirteen doorways, wolves behind them all / by Ruby, Laura. Wayward son / by Rowell, Rainbow. We are displaced : by Yousafzai, Malala, We are the perfect girl / by Kaplan, A. E. White Rose / by Wilson, Kip. Wilder girls / by Power, Rory. Wrath of the dragon king / by Mull, Brandon, You must not miss / by Leno, Katrina.