New Popular Science Books RSS feed for public list New Popular Science Books A polar affair : by Davis, Lloyd Spencer, Buzz, sting, bite : by Sverdrup-Thygeson, Anne. Cat tale : by Pittman, Craig. Choked : by Gardiner, Beth. End of the megafauna : by MacPhee, R. D. E. Friendship : by Denworth, Lydia, Letters from an astrophysicist / by Tyson, Neil deGrasse. Losing Earth : by Rich, Nathaniel, Mama's last hug : by Waal, F. B. M. de Origins : by Dartnell, Lewis. Slime : by Kassinger, Ruth, Superior : by Saini, Angela, The end of ice : by Jamail, Dahr. The first cell : by Raza, Azra. The hidden world of the fox / by Brand, Adele. The number of the heavens : by Siegfried, Tom, The stars in our pockets : by Axelrod, Howard, Unravelling the double helix : by Williams, Gareth, Wildhood : by Natterson-Horowitz, Barbara.